Be careful, avoid ‘self medication’

The number of patients with Covid-19 is increasing rapidly day by day.  With the growing number of patients as well as the overall situation in the city, everyone is worried and citizens are now afraid to go to the hospital.  Due to this fear, the citizens are neglecting their own health and are taking the risk of taking medicine on their own.

  Doctors also face a number of challenges in treatment, as the symptoms of coronary heart disease are somewhat similar;  However, hospitals, clinics, and staff are taking special precautions to ensure that corona viruses are kept to a minimum;  But now the incidence of rain diseases is increasing.  Fever, cold and respiratory disorders are also on the rise.  Since the symptoms of this disease as well as the symptoms of Covid-19 are almost the same, diagnosing the disease is currently becoming a challenge for doctors.  So, despite the various symptoms of rain-borne diseases, the citizens are seen taking medicine on their own, without informing their relatives, neighbors and doctors for fear of corona infection.

  Doing so medically is detrimental to their health and can cost these patients dearly.  Doctors have to make special efforts to bring the patient out of danger as the patients visit the hospital at the last minute in case of complications due to self-medication.  Then, it becomes difficult for the doctor to make a proper diagnosis in the shortest possible time.  Delay in treatment can also endanger the life of the patient.

  Over the last three months, citizens have been raising awareness about the symptoms of corona through social media as well as other means;  However, the same symptoms are also seen in diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc., which confuse the citizens and make it difficult to diagnose their disease accurately.  In such cases, it is advisable to consult a specialist doctor without resorting to medication.

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