Hemoglobin and health

The hemoglobin is a pigment that supplies iron and oxygen to the pigment cells in Bonmaro.  Its color is red.  Hemoglobin is a complex form of protein.  Which contains 96 percent globin and 4 percent ice.

 Hemoglobin Function:

 Tmain function of hemoglobin is to provide oxygen to the tissues through the lungs and to transport the carbon dioxide from the tissues to the lungs.  This part of the ice in the hemoglobin
 Changes the oxygen in the lungs to oxyhemoglobin.  When this oxyhemoglobin reaches in the tissue, oxygen is released where oxygen pressure is low and carbon dioxide pressure is increased.  It then combines with carbon dioxide to reach the lungs.  The carbon dioxide is then separated and exhaled through exhalation.  The process of obtaining and releasing oxygen through hemoglobin is continuous.

 Problems associated with hemoglobin

 * Normally anemia, nutritional deficiencies, blood clotting problems, tumors, etc. are associated with hemoglobin levels.
 * Anemia is the most commonly seen disease associated with hemoglobin.

 Hemoglobin levels in the blood


14 to 17 grams per 100 ml


13 to 15 grams per 100 ml


 14 to 20 grams per 100 ml

 To increase hemoglobin

 If you eat an apple a day, hemoglobin levels remain constant.  Lychee fruit is very healthy.  Lychee contains high levels of beta-carotene, riboflavin, niacin, and folic acid, or B vitamins that boost blood cells and facilitate digestion.  These vitamins are essential for the body to grow red blood cells.

 The diet must include beta.  This raises the level of hemoglobin.  It has high levels of folic acid, iron, fiber content and potassium.  This increases the number of red blood cells.  Apart from this, pomegranates also have high levels of protein, carbohydrates and fiber, including iron and calcium.  Homemade jaggery is also a great way to increase hemoglobin.  Wheat contains high levels of vitamins, including iron and folic acid.  Therefore, the red blood cell count increases significantly.  Due to regular exercise, the body itself produces hemoglobin.  Coffee, tea, coca-Cola, wine, beer can reduce the absorption of iron in the body.  Reduce the intake of these foods if hemoglobin is low.  Vitamin C deficiency can lower hemoglobin levels.  Because, if C is lacking in vitamin, iron is not absorbed.  Therefore, eating vitamin C increases the level of hemoglobin.

 If your diet lacks nutrients, hemoglobin levels drop drastically.  For this, protein and iron should be consumed with substances containing ingredients.  Regular intake of eggs, pulses and juices reduces anemia.  By avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol, hemoglobin levels can be maintained.  Exercise in the morning fresh fresh air will help maintain good health.  Iron is about three to five grams of iron in a person's body;  But if these levels are reduced, then the body becomes hemoglobin deficient.  This reduces the oxygen available to the cells in the body.  Therefore, the body does not get enough energy.  This makes the person suffering from anemia.  In addition, individuals suffer from anemia even when they are deficient in B12 vitamin and folic acid deficiency.  Anemia is higher in women than in men.  Symptoms of anemia are early fatigue, dizziness, skin yellowing, persistent headache.

 Home remedies for anemia or vomiting


B12 is high in vitamins and iron levels in foster children.  It is also a great source of folic acid.  Therefore, the consumption of spinach can fill the blood deficiency.  Spinach soup, spinach vegetable should be included in daily diet.


 Bpomegranate, the level of hemoglobin in the body increases rapidly.  Carbohydrates and proteins are very high in pomegranate.  Iron and calcium are also high in some cases.  Therefore, the level of hemoglobin increases immediately and the blood flow is correct.  Eating pomegranate in the morning or drinking pomegranate juice is useful in anemia.

 Beet and apple juice:

 Beta is high in folic acid, while apple has a high iron content.  So it benefits in anemia.  In the case of anemia, it is beneficial to mix two teaspoons of honey between one betta juice and one apple juice.


 High levels of iron are needed in the body;  But it is important that they be absorbed into the iron body.  Iron is absorbed by tomatoes.  It is best to eat two tomatoes daily and one glass of tomato juice.  In addition, tomatoes should be used more extensively in salads and in cooking.


 Dates contains high iron content.  One hundred grams of Dates contains 90 milligrams of iron.  Soak two dates in milk overnight, chew them in the morning and chew and drink milk.  Also, soaking palm in hot water and eating it is beneficial.  For those who are allergic to lactose, soaked palm in water is a great option.


 Raisinse contains high levels of iron, protein, fiber and sodium.  It benefits in anemia.  Soak ten to twelve pints of water overnight.  In the morning add honey to it and eat it and drink water.


 Iron and B12 are high in vitamin H.  Therefore, if you consume honey every day, it has its benefits.  Blood deficiency in anemia is met by eating fruit pieces, milk mixed with honey.

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