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The New Year has brought a storm into the medical field.  This storm is a new virus.  'Corona' virus.  The corona virus is an attack on the respiratory system and endangers the organism.  Is a virus transmitted by air or near contact.

 In 2002-03, about 8000 people were infected with the outbreak of the disease called Servere Accute Respiralory Syndrom, while 774 died.  Then in 2012, M.K.E.R.S.  In the outbreak of the so-called Middel East Respirtory Syndrom, 2494 people were infected and 858 died.

Recently, a new outbreak of the Corona virus has been reported in China in Huan province.  Many people working in the seafood market in this province were infected and discovered where the virus came from.  Many types of animals are dealt with in this market.  They include snakes, different birds, ducks and many other animals.  Many of the individuals dealing with it were diagnosed as having a primary infection.

 The name Corona Virus gets the virus because of its crown-like shape.  The corona virus attacks the body in a manner similar to the flu.  Because the symptoms of the onset are somewhat similar to the flu, it is more dangerous than the flu.  It is very important to take care of the virus because it is growing rapidly in our body.

What are the symptoms?

 Symptoms include fever, cough, runny nose, cold, sneezing, sore throat, sore throat, weakness.  As the nasal congestion virus passes through the airways, the patient begins to suffer from asthma, shortness of breath, shortness of breath and the patient develops pneumonia.  Many cause headaches.  Some people have vomiting, and when these symptoms intensify, pneumonia causes the lungs to settle.  In such a situation, the patient's survival is at risk.

 Although you do not yet have a serious form of the outbreak of the Corona virus, initially three patients have been found in Mumbai.  Three people from the original city of Mumbai and two from Pune came to Mumbai from the Hwan province of China where patients with coronary virus were found or died, and a health inspection conducted by the Health Department found three of them suffering from cold, cough.  All three were from Mumbai.  They were later monitored.  Needless to say, this incident has led to the arrival of the Corona virus in India.  Along with Mumbai, three-four cities were also found to have such an alarming rate.  So you don't have to worry that you don't have to worry about it.  Because this disease is fatal.

You should take primary care to prevent the corona virus or any virus from getting into your respiratory tract.  Either such virus comes through the air through the airways in the respiratory tract.  These germs spread through the air due to frostbites that spread out in the mouths of people who are infected.  Spores that pass through the mouth of an infected patient through spitting, sneezing, or loud talking spread the germs.  Thus, a healthy person who is in contact with such a person can get infected with the virus.  Therefore, it is imperative for a person to sneeze, cough completely while coughing.

 This is often said in the health promotion movement.  Yet many people around us are spontaneously spitting on the open, in public.  Some use their palms instead of handkerchiefs and spread the virus.  The same person has to deal with the virus again and again, but the virus goes to the person's mobile, bracelet, or any other item.  The person who goes ahead with these items is also at risk for infection.  Therefore, if there is a chance to accidentally put a hand on the mouth, then wash your hands.  Care must be taken when sneezing, coughing;  But do not constantly move your hand near the nose, face, or eyes.  Because we deal with many things throughout the day.  They may have gone through the hands of someone infected and may have viruses.  So wash your hands frequently during the day.  In families with such an infected person, it is very important for hospital staff to wash their hands every time they come in contact with a patient and even after being discharged.  About fourteen people working in the hospital have died as a result of handling or contacting patients suffering from the Corona virus.

This event is certainly dangerous and serious to worry about.  In the future, if unfortunately we find patients infected with the corona virus, then we need to be particularly careful while caring for them.

 Adequate hygiene, a healthy diet, adequate exercise and adequate and calm sleep should be followed regularly for prevention of any such virus, not the Crohn's virus.  People who eat meatloaf should make sure they are well cooked.  Those who drink milk should drink it only after heating the milk, boiling it, boiling it to the proper temperature.  Individuals who come in contact with animals for various reasons should be careful to follow all health procedures and wash hands after handling animals.  With such care, you can succeed in keeping away from the risk of the corona virus.

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