Balance brain

Your brain is divided into two hemispheres.  Each hemisphere of the left and right brain has its own strengths.  The right thumb represents the function of the left brain and the left hand represents the function of the right brain.  Each boat reflects specific wisdom and intelligence.  Each intelligence has a specific weightage.  Because the baby is growing in the mother's womb, usually 13 to 21 weeks, the development of the baby's brain is accompanied by the development of fingerprints.  That is, both these developments occur simultaneously.

 In 1981  Roger Sperry was awarded the Nobel Prize for split brain theory research.  Studies have found that left and right brains are specialized in various tasks, as well as the small brain and the large brain in general.  However, the brain is divided into five lobes and the function of each lobe is unique, let's see how -

 1) Pre-frontal lobes: -

 thoughts about a person's behavior, personality, decision making interdisciplinarity, interpersonal, conscience intelligence, good / bad, etc.  Things are contained in these lobes.

 2) frontal lobe:

 problem solving, computation, logic, logical thinking, analysis, research, statistical games, scientific thinking, emotions, control, anger, science, etc.  All things are part of this frontal lobe.

 3) The parietal lobe: 

touching, discriminating, motor skills, painting, playing, the difference between left and right, writing, awareness of each body part, eye coordination, etc.  Things are typical of the parietal lobe.

 4) Temporal lobes:

 Imagination, color recognition, musical emotion, language, word reading, writing, speech, visual memory, shape, tone, identity, sound, etc.  The important thing is to understand the function of the temporal lobe.  As we listen to the language, we have the support of the temporal lobe.  The temporal lobe is in both hemispheres.  Also, the understanding of listening is ongoing.  E.g.  If you are listening to a song, the language, its music, the emotion of the song, it combines the fictional imagery that is standing in front of your mind, and the center of the hemisphere, both left and right, gives maximum work.

 5) Occipital lobes:

 Face remembering, concentration, attention, spelling, short-term / long-term intelligence, low or high identity, sexual behavior, ability to smell, aggression etc.  The main function is the lobe.

 The left and right brain measurements here depend on your TRC (Total Ride Count) value.  Whereas the higher TRC values ​​are the greater the number of neurons, they indicate learning ability and activity.  The relative percentage of brain can be calculated from the TRC value.  Dermatoglyphics is a helpful guide to understanding the value of the five lobes as well.

 In school life, the brain of a child needs a new dose every moment;  But that doesn't seem to happen.  Because children are not allowed to do much thinking.  Just watch, read, write, read, etc.  The focus is more on things.

 The left brain knows more about logic and calculation.  If children's left brain is more active then such children are analytical.  If a problem is to be solved, they look at it logically.  Their frontal lobe becomes more active at that time.  Such children are practical.  The right brain, in contrast, is creative.  He controls the Three Dimensional Sense.  At this point they get support from the parietal lobe.  These children are more emotional if their right brain is more active.  Ninety percent of people use it more than the left brain.  If children want to achieve the desired progress, a full brain can be developed using some natural phenomena.  We should take these measures from a young age.  For this, exercise should be given to the brain of children.  We can take some brain games for kids to exercise.  Kids can solve puzzles, play chess with them, and do sudoku.  Children who use the right hand should be employed by the left hand and the children who use the left hand should be employed by the right hand.  E.g.  Try writing, brushing, pushing a button, etc.  He also teaches children different languages, instruments, dances, and studies on music, colorful pictures, figures, maps, etc.  Examples can be given.

 With 100 percent ability to use a full brain, just telling children to read and write, it causes the brain to become tired and tired quickly.  If this is what the children are taught through above, they may feel very refreshed.  The brain is not tired.  Because it's an intellectual tonic in a way.  Everyone's intellectual ability is determined from birth;  But when children are taught to use the left brain centers systematically in childhood, they become the 'balance brain child'.  Therefore, the true meaning of education is the use of education to make the most of both sides of the brain.  This is called 'Whole Brain Mapping' in psychological language.  For this reason, it is advisable to use Dermatoglyphics based on Multipule Intelligence.  Because DMIT is the perfect autopsy, based on which many aspects of a child's personality can be learned in advance.

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