Importance and information of ozone gas

Ozone straps are layers of air that are high in the Earth's atmosphere at an altitude of 3 to 3 km.  In 1909, the French physicists Charles Fabry and Henry Buisson discovered the ozone layer.  The ultraviolet radiation of the sun absorbs the ozone layer.

 In 1949, physicist Sidney Chapman discovered the ozone deposition process

 The ultraviolet rays that pass through nitrogen in the air are mainly divided into 3 parts: UV-A (1-4 nm), UV-B (1-5 nm), UV-C (1-5 nm).

 UV-C radiation is absorbed by dioxygen and ozone at 5 km altitude.  UV-C radiation is extremely dangerous for organisms.  UV-B rays are harmful to the skin.  It can cause skin cancer.  UV-B radiation is heavily absorbed by the ozone layer.  UV-A radiation passes through the ozone layer.  These rays reach the earth as it is.  But UV-A radiation is less harmful to organisms.

 Some chemical compounds can cause the ozone layer to decay.  These compounds include NO (nitric oxide), N2O (nitrous oxide), OH (hydrogel), Cl (chlorine), Br (bromine), CFC (chloro fluoro carbon), BFC (bromo fluoro carbon).  The ozone layer in the northern hemisphere is declining by 5% every decade.  In 192, N2O was the largest mass-produced substance in the ozone layer, which was created by human action.

 In 1979, the United States of America, Canada, and Norway banned aerosol sprays containing CFCs.  But European nations refuse to ban aerosol sprays.  In the United States, CFCs were used in other appliances such as fridges.  The use of CFC was banned in 1979, due to the ozone layer being cut off in the Antarctic.

 The use of CFC was completely discontinued in 1949 due to the Montreal Agreement in 1979.  Five countries have signed this agreement.  On August 3, scientists announced that the ozone layer had been eroded by a global ban on CFCs.  Observations by satellite have proved that the ozone layer decay has decreased over the last decade.

 The life of a CFC is 5 to 6 years.  So it is likely that it will take decades for the ozone layer to recover.

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