Walt Disney of India

Walt Disney of India

 We want to have some experience in our everyday life that we should always be happy, keep on laughing.  And for this we need some literature and entertainment tools.  If we refresh our childhood memories, we will find out what kind of comics or cartoons we used to laugh at ourselves and used to be happy.  They had some characters or superheroes who used to do good work and protect the people from eliminating evils.

 There was such a superhero Chacha Chaudhary who had made a different place among us all along with the children.  His personality was wearing an old red turban and an old man for a stick, who, despite not being a fan of the fanatical wrestler, did many exploits with his sharp mind.  At the same time, their brain moves faster than supercomputers.  In this comic series, Chacha Chaudhary, along with his wife Bini and Jupiter, has come from the vast giant, as well as a lot of characters as a dog named Elian Sabu and Rocket.  This comic was a lot of folk among children in the comics of Indian comics.

 This cartoon character of Chacha Chaudhari gave birth to great cartoonist Pran Kumar Sharma.  Who started his career in the 60s as a cartoonist for the Milk Newspaper.  However, in those days India had very little scope in this field.  Pranji in 1971 marked the first time in Cartoon's popular evergreen magazine Lotpot for the first time Chacha Chaudhary's Character.  

This activist of Chacha Chaudhary has made this magazine so popular that it had to be published in 10 different languages.  Along with this, the TV serial has also been created on this character.  In addition to this, Pranji made more such characters such as Smt. Jee, Billa, Pinky, Raman and Chani Chachi, but Chacha Chaudhary became the most popular among them.  This is the reason that ranked Pran ji in the World Encyclopedia Of Comics as Walt Disney Of India.  The reason for the success of Chacha Chaudhari comic is that this character matches our life.

 In this series, we see how a simple elderly person finds solutions to problems of life in his own discretion.  This is the reason why this comic has become an integral part of our lives for nearly four decades.

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