The King of the World of Animation

The King of the World of Animation -

Walt Disney's role in showing the fantasy folk in an interesting way in the eyes of the world is really unique. From their cartoon and animation,n they not only entertained children, but every section of the society has become enchanted. 

Walt Disney was a magician of fantasy fiction who always entertained us with his art. Born in Chicago on September 5, 1901, Walt was an avid painter from childhood. To train his art, he trained at the Academy of Fine Arts night school. To deal with the economic situation of the house, together with his brothers, helped in the business of distributing his father's house-to-house newspaper. After getting a bachelor's degree, he wanted to go to the army but could not be due to his age. After this,s they joined the Red Cross and the ambulance started. After a few days, he left the job and started making cartoons for advertisements after returning to Kansas City. 

With its hard work and diligence prepared such a process, that the action of Live Action and Animation is well matched. A few years later, Walt Disney came to Hollywood with the experience of its entire animation film. In 1928, he appeared in the first cartoon film in New York with a Mickey Mouse character. In 1932, he won his first private awards for "Flowers and Trees".

 His first long animated film "Snow White and Seven Dwarfs" was shown on 21 September 1933 in Los Angeles's "Carrey Circle Theater". Walt Disney also produced many successful family shows for TVs besides movies. "Mickey Mouse Club" and "Zoro" were quite popular in the'50ss. In 1955 he created the "Disneyland" and surprised the world with his imagination. For their contribution to the animations of the world, they were awarded 22 Academy Awards.

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