The effort of a college dropout added to the whole world

The effort of a college dropout added to the whole world.  

There are thousands of people born in the world every day, but there are some of them that change the whole world.  This is exactly the right thing to do on Facebook's creator Mark Zuckerberg. 

 Those achievements in their life are like a dream for any ordinary person.  Mark had a special attachment to the computer since his childhood.  And at the very young age, they started writing small programs.  In it, his father used to help him too.  Because of his sharp intellect, he used to put his teacher in big trouble too.  Just at the age of 12, Mark had created ZukNet Messenger whom he used to talk to his father in his clinic. 

 At the age when children enjoyed playing computer games, Mark became successful in making computer games.  Due to his acumen, he got a certificate in Howard University.  And they soon became famous under the name of programming expert.  In those days, his college had a book named Facebook, in which all the students had all the information including their pictures. 

 Thinking something like this, Mark created a website named Facemash.  The special feature of this website was that they used to photograph the boys and girls in front of each other and compare them with every point and tell who was the most prominent among them.  Marc had hacked Howard University to collect photos especially for this website.

  For which he also had a very big tree.  Soon, Facemash gained great popularity.  But the girls of the college protested strongly by calling it objectionable.  Later on, Mark created a new website called The Facebook in his university, which gradually became popular in other universities. 

 Inspired by this, Mark delivered it to the common people besides students.  For which Mark left his studies in the middle and strengthened his website with his team.  And in 2005 the name of this website was changed to Facebook.  Within two years, millions of business pages and profiles were created on it.  By the year 2011, it became the largest website of the world.  And with that, Mark Zuckerberg also became the King of the Internet. 

 When Mark created the site of Facebook, his age was only 19 years old.  At such a young age, Mark combined the whole world with a link.  Along with that Mark also came in the list of the world's youngest billionaires. 

 One thing from Mark's achievement can certainly be said that those who are optimistic and self-confident towards success, reach the same height of life.  Mark has always believed himself to be a hacker because he says that we will not be able to reach the bottom of anything until we break it completely, or say that he did not know it completely.  This thought of Mark made them so successful.

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