The comedy king of India, which had previously found disappointment in the audition

The comedy king of India, which had previously found disappointment in the first audition - 

 in the streets of Amritsar - grew a simple child, will ever become the king of comedy, nobody imagined it.  Today, Kapil Sharma is not like any introduction of any introductory comedian, singer and actor.  Kapil, who is not ashamed of himself, shyamane big artists.  Nobody wanted to marry Kapil wanted to be a singer since his school days.  

But today Kapil has become the king of the world of comedy.  In just a short span of time, Kapil has really won the award.  These are the artists who have cried roasts.  The Kapil Sharma show these reasons why the world has become famous today.  His life was very fierce.  In his hard days, he also worked in PC0 and Fabric Mill.  Done  His father was a constable in the Punjab Police.

  They  Like Kapil, he was a man of great cheerful mood.  Kapil was not very good at reading, but since childhood, he had a habit of comedy.  Gatric studies were completed, he would be diagnosed with his father's third level of cancer disease, which shook him from within. 

 Nullah  They did not have enough money for the treatment.  Even before his college studies were completed, his father settled down.  Very distraught from this incident.  Even for his funeral, his friend is also his friend.  Help them.  Just like that day was cut off.  He continued his comedy in college.  After college

There were many problems in finding a job.  So he started singing in the local band to pursue his singing skills.  Meanwhile, in the MHOne channel of Punjab, a comedy show "Hansde Raho Hasedi Raho" first failed in his fate, from here he thought that he would focus on standup comedy instead of his musical or acting career. He got the biggest break. 

 The first of which was disappointment in the Audition of Great Indian Laughter Challenge, yet he got the courage to participate in the audition held in Delhi.  They won the award and won the winners and won their sister's marriage with great gestures, instead of doing so, they have performed well in many comedy programs such as Comedy Circus, Little Miyan, Jhalak Dikhla Ja, etc. Their fortunes once again  when he opened a jhorapam in 2013, he opened his own production house K9 in which his entire capital took place. Colors started his career with the TV Cornedy Nights with Kapil  The concept of this show was taken from the British show, The Kumars at No. 42. The show made a huge start to this event, due to this show people had a great opportunity to see many well-known personalities nearby. 

 Meanwhile, the entire set was destroyed by burning them.  But still they did not break the passion and then once started this show and it became a famous show of India.  But due to any debate, the show closed on Colors.  After this, Kapil started The Kapil Sharma Show on Sony TV which has won a lot of applause throughout the world.  This show is also your co-artist

Plenty of applause looted in  This show also has its co-artists.  Due to the debate with Sunil Grover, he had to stop for indefinitely, due to which Kapil Badi  Like the victims of depression.  A few days later the situation changed.  They got married too.  In the meantime, he also acted in films such as 'Kis kis ko pyar karu' and 'firangi'.  Kapil once again with his show.  Have come back again.  The success of Kapil Sharma in such a short time has led to the poisoning of youth.  This is the result of Kapal's hard work and passion that without any film background and Godfather, this glorious Bollywood has achieved this position of life on its own in the world of Bollywood.  We hope that Kapil will touch the power of life and keep on entertaining in the same way.

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