New Indian Tea found in the US market

New Indian Tea found in the US market-

drinking tea in every household in India is a common practice.  Whether it is winter or summer, we take a sip of tea once.  Are.  But we can not imagine that by selling this tea, a foreigner earns millions of crores.  And that too in the US  This is the story of America's Brooke Edie in 2002 Came to India on a spiritual journey. 

 At that time he was spending his life like a hippie.  Brooke was greatly influenced by Indian culture and living conditions.  This is where he is also cheated on tea.  After living in India for nearly a year, when he returned to his country, he could not find any tasty things like tea.  In any, they did not get anything better than this amazing thing.  So Brook started making tea in his own house. 

 By making tea in various ways from ginger, clove, and cardamom, etc, in the same way, he started giving tea to his friends and guests, just like in India.  Tea is served to guests.  His guests liked this method of Navajo and the people praised them for growing.  Inspired by this fact, Brook started selling tea in a professional manner by giving it a small business shape.  In his own car, he went to his house and delivered his delicious tea to the people.  Influenced by the word "devotion" in his spiritual Indian tour, Brook named his tea "Devotional Tea".  He had a great desire to help people in India if their brand is successful.  Gradually these brands became popular.  Ours

Devotional Tea was launched by Professor in 2007.  Like America, they also began to sell their tea in bottles, which led to its popularity.  Along with this, it is connected to every food outlets.  Today, almost 10 years later, their brand has been worth millions of dollars.  

Along with this, devotional tea has now started to catch the international market too.  Despite this unprecedented achievement, they have not forgotten India.  They have been so attached to India that they have also donated Rs. 35 crore for cleaning, electricity, and education under rural development.

 Brooke's story is inspiring in itself because of being influenced by Indian culture, coming here on a spiritual journey, it has reached the heights of success by introducing the thing in a very professional way.

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